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Here's a glossary of Tinder bio terms to help you decide which way to swipe


Tinder bio emoji meanings funny profile pictures quotes By Alison Segel Oct 19 2017 I hate emojis. Does that make me not fun? But honestly, I think using emojis in a dating app bio is incredibly off putting and immature. I once worked for a matchmaker who told me that bios were where you are supposed to be authentic and sincere. A funny Tinder bio like these two examples can really boost your results on a dating app, because a good sense of humor is a must-have quality for the majority of women. One cautionary note, however. The last thing you want to do is highlight a hobby in your profile that interests you, but in a way that is virtually guaranteed to turn her off. People naturally gravitate to things that are easy to read and understand, and studies show simple language makes you seem more likable and more intelligent. Emojis are the essence of simplicity.

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Tinder is the exception. But now I know. Last night my roommate, who met his boyfriend on Tinder, perched beside me for some vicarious swiping.

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Giphy Look, I'm not hating on emoji use. Ask any of my friends — I love and probably overuse the side-eye, kissy-face cat, and sunglasses emoji. But when I see a Tinder profile with a little cartoon airplane, my vagina just kind of seals itself up and my thumb automatically twitches to the left.