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There's fraud cooking at az's second largest church! Yes, ccv Ccvonline. Don wilson and equally phony senior staffers scott chandler and jon edmiston, have been notified in writing by me numerous times for over one year that a formal, known, member of ccv church, fraudster, phoenix lawyer edward maldonado, a former maricopa county prosecutor and current maricopa county attorney Who is so unsuccessful that he still seeks private clients To screw over on the side through his lawyer ads on the ccv church website, ccvonline. I hired mr maldonado after seeing and trusting his "honesty" church legal services ad in the buisness section of ccvonline. Yes, maldonado demanded money orders upfront from me before he would start any work, then once he cashed them, he failed to return calls or emails, abandoned my case just days before my trial forcing me to represent myself, to my horror, But since it was a bogus case to begin with i secured a complete dismissal of my case and i had and still have no criminal record , then in violation of az state bar ethics rules malfonado failed to return my fees, then he refused to return my written demand for return of my fees, then to get even with me for demanding back my money, he maliciously wrote and mailed a bad - nsf check to an incorrect out of state address days before my az trial, which i was in az preparing for, so i would have to spend a two days and a thousand bucks to drive out of state to retreive it to cash it to hire another replacement lawyer, which he knew i would have to do.

"Rest" - CCV Live Sessions

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From the album, five singles were released, reaching the top of the lists: Melody released the soundtrack of the telenovela Lazos de Amor with good sales and good airplay through Latin America and the United States. Apart from this participation, she made two more special appearances, in the album Boleros: Por amor y desamor and a duet with Mijares on the live album El Encuentrowhich received high rotation on radio in U.

ccv small groups

Her single "Era la primera vez" Eng: It was the first timewas a hit in Mexican charts reaching the top 10 and the top 20 in Billboard. Escape with me. She actedd next to her now ex-husband, but then friend Manuel Mijares and the comedian Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo. Of note is that although Mijares was a well-known singer, he was not involved in the recording of any new song for the album. This production was the first one with Melody Records, as a prelude to her next album.