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Here are 16 people Trump has called a "cookie"


Tough cookie meme dating website for chubby An for those of you who didn't notice it, you'll ether have to listen to the song till you hear it or look down in the lyrics because I'm not allowed to post the word. I'm not usually a judgmental person and I really believe in freedom of speech, so when I heard this I was like "I don't know why he said that but it was his choice even if it was rather offensive but I'll wait until I translate the song to judge and I still enjoy the rest of the song so for now I'll just ignore that word when I listen to it" so I know it is a long time tough cookie meme the song was released but I decided to watch the JREKML reaction video today and it was going great until JRE heard the word. I'm not surprised by his reaction especially because it was on the spot see more when I read the comments I was shocked by all these people who call them selves his fans who were saying horrible things about him when they don't know what he's saying.

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Live HD - 150813 Zico (Block B) "터프쿠키(Tough Cookie)" @ MNET 엠! 카운트다운 KCON In L

I tried out and got the job and that was the first band I was in. Those were the first shows I ever played in public.

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Zico - Tough Cookie (Feat. Don Mills) MV Reaction - REALLY NOW *More in Description*


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Is it gonna just be us and the bartenders. How are we gonna be able to make it down the road.