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Kathy Burke talks about why she has never been married, her films and more.


Kathy burke dating dating a girl with multiple personalities Letter To My Younger Self Kathy Burke on booze, boys and extraordinary people Actress and writer Kathy Burke, aged 47, on alcohol issues, teenage boy troubles, and why she fell out of love with acting June 7, 2012 Janeannie When I look back bburke being a teenager the thing I remember most is the food. I remember the first time I had Chinese spare ribs, and the first time I had eggy bread. I loved my friends and my music, especially punk and 2 Tone. And I worried about the fashion then — boob tubes and satin trousers. In recent years, the unassuming star has become more than just funnyman Harry Enfield's sidekick, showing herself to be one of Britain's funniest and most talented actresses - and she has the awards to prove it. But what Kathy yearns for is something quite different, mundane even. The 35-year-old actress dreams of having a husband and children. Her track record in love, however, is not nearly as impressive as her TV and film career.

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Kathy Burke talks about why she has never been married, her films and more. April 6, 2016 by HitBerry Kathy Burke who is widely regarded as one of the paramount actresses of her generation has recently shared about her career and her life choices.

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Our positive highs and our negative lows are not different lines. And they will also inevitably go back up and down as they move through time.