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The 10 best wrestling entrance themes


Top wrestling walkout songs too scared to message on bumble Fear not, Vince appears later in this list, but for now, let's focus on his son, Shane. Shane O'Mac's theme tune is one that gets everyone excited, ttop least when McMahon comes out and performs his signature dancing as the music is rolling. It's a real Attitude Era classic, and it's a fantastic theme tune.

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Share on Facebook Wrestling entrance themes are a big, important part of the spectacle at any live "sports entertainment" competition. After waiting weeks or sometimes months to get their hands on their hated opponents at big pay-per-view events, it's important for these warriors to have a song that psyches them up, puts the fear of God into their opponent and gets the crowd on their side. Lots of heavy metal and hard rock songs have filled that role quite ably over the years, and here's some of the best of all time in Loudwire's following list of the Top 10 Wrestling Entrance Themes. 10 Rev Theory Randy Orton Randy Orton was one of the most despised wrestlers around, unable to control his temper and prone to excessively violent post-fight attacks, even by wrestling standards.

20 Greatest Wrestling Theme Songs

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good wrestling walkout songs

Epic WrestleMania entrances: WWE Playlist

WWE Top 40 Best Theme Songs Of All Time

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