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Water Heater Model Numbers & Rating Plates


How to read a water heater label tough cookie meme Listed equipment sold and installed via authorized distribution including installed mcewing birthdate a plumbing professional would be labeled. The Do-It-Yourself person may be able to handle many small household jobs, but the installation of a water heater could create a dangerous situation if performed incorrectly. There are many local codes and safety requirements that pertain to water heater installation and operation; without understanding these requirements you could be breaking the law as well as endangering yourself and your family. Internet sale sites offering BWs direct to consumers or a "plumber" who is not an authorized BW dealer are always questionable.

how old is my ao smith water heater

Unfortunately, a water heater doesn't last forever, so it's important to know the installation date to troubleshoot problems, find replacement parts or determine if it's time to replace it completely. Most modern water heaters have a sticker that displays the installation date, but the serial number isn't always easy to decode. Verifying the installation date doesn't necessarily prove the age of the water heater, since some units are pre-owned, but it does help with making home improvement decisions.

hotpoint water heater age

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Electric Water Heater Installation

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