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The 15 Worst Movies Ever Made


Worst modern movies ever wls am 890 lineup change And it is that crap, dear readers, that we are here to talk about today. Not because kodern want to, but because we have a moral responsibility to warn you about these turkeys — the worst movies of the decade. To be clear. these are not fun films. These hurt us badly. That's not quite fair, though. You could find hundreds of little independent flops like that one, but are those really worse than the big-budget, star-packed failures produced by major studios? If we're going to pick on someone, let's pick on the big guys whose egos and wallets can take it. That means you, Adam Sandler. Ron Hubbard.

the 50 worst movies ever made

Some of these movies got a Razzie Award for their terrible quality. Others actually got nominated and awarded an Academy Award, before the majority of movie-goers turned on them. All of these films are pretty tough to sit through, but which movies are the most hated of all time? However, many moviegoers have said the movie is undeserving of the awards unlike fellow nominee, Brokeback Mountain.

The Worst War Film Ever.

bad movies

Call it cinematic schadenfreude. Find out what was the absolute worst, mind-bogglingly awful, everyone-involved-still-owes-an-apology-to-the-planet movie released every year since the middle of the last century. But more importantly, one of the astronauts is a woman, and she needs to be condescended to as often as possible.

Top 10 Worst Disaster Movies