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The 20 scariest pieces of classical music


Scary classical music choir dating as friends Tweet on Twitter Sacred Classical Music Pieces Sacred music broadly covers music that has a religious focus at its heart. This chir in opposition to what is termed secular music that tends to be centred around those more down to earth themes like love, death and adventure. Sacred music can be traced back many centuries but for the purpose of this short article, I will contain my selection of works to the Renaissance forwards in musical time.

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Film Composers Horror in Music - when music sets out to be scary People in general and creative artists in particular have always had a fascination with the macabre. Composers have also looked to some dark subject matter as the inspiration for their compositions, and this article looks at some of those examples of horror in music and the special techniques composers have used to make their compositions genuinely scary. So that you can hear as you read we will include examples of the music we discuss from youtube, and in case it's not obvious by now we're talking about Fictional Horror rather than real horrors.

The Dark Ages - Sacred Medieval Chants (Album)

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This is a nice record to be releasing at our twenty-year anniversary mark because it takes everything back to the old days. We did the last two records with producer Ted Hutt, and he really helped us bring out this Memphis soundвStax-style horn sections, almost a Jerry Lee Lewisвtype of piano part.

This record strips everything back to its essentials, and the songwriting is at a more mature place, too. But I think that being a parentвactually having something to loseвadds to the seriousness of everything, and that influenced the record quite a bit. What surprised you most about fatherhood.

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No longer charged up by hyper-autobiography or woe-is-me perspectives, it became important to imbue his songs with detail, giving them historical, political and personal frameworks. When Nichols was prompted as to the darker, more complex songs on Ghosts, family was on his mind: How were you inspired to touch on the Civil War in a personal sense.

That song has more to do with me having to leave, missing my wife and family back home and being gone for work. But that one probably has more to do with the wife than the war, for me. I wanted something there that kind of referenced that time period.

The Best of Dark Classical Music: Mysterious, Macabre, Creepy, Evil, Satanic, Spooky Pieces

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I felt really lucky growing up there. I spent a lot of time gardening and wandering around the woods. Plus, I got to play sports with my brothers.