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Cryppies, Day Ladies, and Whiffling: The Just-Declassified Lingo of the NSA


Nsa slang china charm dating site Alexis C. Madrigal Feb 6, 2012 A newly public document provides a fascinating peek into the lives and gibes of the National Security Agency's cryptographers. Every industry has its jargon. I'm sure yours does. In journalism, we call headlines "heds" and the little teaser sentence after that a "dek.

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Body of Lies (2008) - Russel Crowe - CIA Guy Speech

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Everything was a little too fast, a little too loud. It was getting out from under me a bit. So you took a breath on this record.

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New buildings are going up, new restaurants are coming in. The city is definitely growing, but not at the same rate as a lot of other places.