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Which ‘Friends’ Stars Are Still Friends in Real Life?


Do the friends cast keep in touch dating apps nyc 2016 The friends on Friends were the ideal support system to get you through those tumultuous 20s and later, 30s. There's a reason that their theme song was "I'll Be There For You," these guys were there for one another, through every breakup or, uh, "break," if you want to play that cardThanksgiving disaster, and harebrained scheme. But what about the cast of the hit NBC sitcom?

friends cast reunion

Some have seriously struggled with the fame and fortune catalyzed by the long-running hit sitcom. Others battled intense personal drama involving loved ones, or found themselves tangled up in messy legal proceedings. From cheating scandals to strippers to run-ins with the law, the personal plot lines of Joey, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, and Ross have been just as complicated as their on-screen antics.

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What would Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe have to offer you? Probably a lot. For their real-life counterparts, though, they don't have to wonder — they know. These Friends cast members are in the group text of your dreams, which is is something Courteney Cox recently revealed to Us Weekly.

matt leblanc and courteney cox

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friends reunion

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