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How to Completely Delete LINE App and Data from iPhone iOS 12?


Delete line app from iphone kim kardashian boyfriends list Permanently Erase LINE Data from iPhone iOS 12 Simply deleting data may not be sufficient in protecting your privacy and credit card details, you may need to eliminate every compromising LINE app data on your iPhone in other to avoid privacy leak especially when selling or giving away your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It's proved to be a perfect tool to protect iPhone data privacy. You can completely destroy unwanted LINE data.

what will happen if i delete my line app

By Nels Dzyre in Mobile. Updated on November 19, 2017. LINE is a popular messaging app that has risen in popularity. It is so popular that it now has over 400 million global registered users, as of April, 2014.

How to Backup and Restore LINE Chat History on Android

However, like its counterparts, your Line receives so many messages, images and videos every day letting it slowly eat up your iPhone storage space. Also, every Line chat stored on the iPhone can be a privacy concern for many.

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