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Am I right or am I right? Bad metaphors aside, Honduran women are severely underrated on the world scene because of one reason and one reason only. The country is way too dangerous for most guys to spend a lot of time in. Sure, you should be fine on a weekend trip to Tegus. While the danger looms throughout Honduras, many guys have found the girls in Honduras to be some of the more attractive in the region.

Media Luna Full Moon Party Singles Week 2012, Roatan, Honduras

We do have kind of a cult following. Is it gonna just be us and the bartenders. How are we gonna be able to make it down the road. Is a band.

Well, a number of things, probably. People are just fine with their Boston and their Tom Petty, and I listen to a lot of that myself. So a lot of our recordings have been rough around the edges. The whole catalog can be viewed as a learning process.


The synthesisers went awry. It sounded awful".