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An Inside Look into the Harsh Conditions of Minor League Baseball


Dating a minor league baseball player modamily The long road. YOU'D think we were married to football players,'' whispers Lisa Wade to the two shivering women sitting next to her on the cold, green-painted wooden bleachers. It should have been a pleasantly warm evening in May. Instead Mrs. Those of you who are also dating a milb or any professional athlete understand how hard it is on the relationship. Dating a professional baseball player is not for the weak. It takes some serious trust and communication, not to mention the sacrifice!


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For romances involving a minor league ballplayer, multiply all that by about 100. First off, there's the distance. Unfortunately for a ballplayer, flexibility and the ability to compromise are perks we're not privileged to have. Over the course of the season, we'll play 140 games over the span of approximately 150 days.

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In the stands for this momentous occasion was his wife, Alysa. Two days later Jeff and his new teammates embarked on a road trip to Texas to play the Rangers. Alysa's next move wasn't quite as high-profile. She returned to Charlotte, North Carolina, where Jeff had been pitching prior to his big league callup, to pack up the life they'd left behind.

Day in the Life: Anderson

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Most can recite lines, even entire scenes from the movie. While it may be technically fictional, I can tell you right here, right now, that a lot of it is fact. Spring training is a special time for me.