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The Racist Origins Of The Word ‘Caucasian’


Caucasian origin of the term how to date with a busy schedule People from Georgia, Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia hail from the area. What does that even mean anymore? What did it ever mean?

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By Shaila Dewan July 6, 2013 AS a racial classification, the term Caucasian has many flaws, dating as it does from a time when the study of race was based on skull measurements and travel diaries. It has long been entirely unmoored from its geographical reference point, the Caucasus region. The plaintiff, noted Justice Anthony M. Kennedy in his majority opinion, was Caucasian. To me, having covered the South for many years, the term seems like one of those polite euphemisms that hides more than it reveals.

The Caucasus: Mountains Full of Languages

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There has been acknowledgment of wanting to see more diversity. People are more aware of what people look like in real life. People shouldn't look like anything but themselves. What was it like growing up a tomboy. I have always marched to the beat of my own drum.

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