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Probability concepts explained: Bayesian inference for parameter estimation.


Bayesian updating prior conversation openers for online dating Get the slides. Bayesian inference is a way to get sharper predictions from your data. And even though the math under the hood can get dense, the concepts behind it are completely accessible. Likelihoods are relatively straightforward to understand because they are based on tangible data. Collect your data, and then the likelihood curve shows the relative support that your data lend to various simple hypotheses. In this post I explain how to use the likelihood to update a prior into a posterior.

Bayes' Theorem for Everyone 04 - Prior Probability

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In this lesson, we will use what we already know about conditional probabilities, but also adopt a Bayesian updating scheme to easily calculate the probability of someone actually having HIV, given the sequential testing results. Remember that in the previous lesson we outlined a sequential testing scheme for how early HIV testing worked in the US military. If a recruit tests positive, the next step is to test them again.

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